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What is the purpose of the New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards | He Tohu Mauri Ora?  

The awards are designed to showcase and celebrate the primary healthcare sector and all that you do for our community. Sharing your successes will encourage innovation, collaboration and equitable outcomes in the primary healthcare sector of Aotearoa. Delivering equity in outcomes requires a dogged determination. We know primary care has what it takes, now please take this opportunity to share the knowledge. 

Who can apply?  

Anyone that is a part of and contributes to the primary healthcare sector of Aotearoa. You can find more details in the Ts & Cs.  

I have a great idea for the awards – who do I contact? 

Email event producer Susie Hill from Healthy Communications  with any thoughts, ideas or pearls of wisdom for these awards or the next –

You can subscribe to our e-newsletter and publications: 

How do I enter or nominate someone? 

Visit the enter page to view the awards categories, which are split into two groups: Key Health Outcomes and Individuals and Teams. You can read through the description of each award. You can also download the awards criteria and terms and conditions, which goes into depth about the requirements of each award and our tips & tricks entry guide, which outlines how to create and submit a strong entry. 

Click here to access: 


What would help my entry or nomination stand out? 

After reading the tips & tricks entry guide you’ll better understand what will create a great entry – we strongly recommend including a short video to really illustrate what your project, entry or nomination is all about. This will help the judges get a full picture of who you are. 

I’m having issues with submitting my entry/nomination – who do I contact? 

If you have any issues or queries on how to submit your entry, email  

When are entries due? 

Entries close at 5pm on Friday, 11 February 2022.

Who is sponsoring the awards? 

You can read about our sponsors on the sponsors page, which also links to their individual websites – aren’t they amazing?! 

Who do I contact if I’m interested in sponsoring the awards? 

Please email Juliet Cavanagh-Eyre for information and enquiries into sponsorship. 

When is the gala and what do I wear? 

The event is a black-tie gala held at the Cordis Hotel, Auckland on 07 May 2022. Our events page provides all the latest information on the who, what, where, when and why of the big event – and most importantly how to get tickets!  

Who is judging the entries? 

JJudges include representatives from DHBs, the Ministry of Health, academia, pharmacy, general practice, nursing, business and health consumers. Our judges page has a bio on each judge – we thank them for their time and efforts!  

When will finalists be announced? 

Finalists will be publicly announced no earlier than 1 April 2022. 

What do you get if you are a finalist? 

Organisers will contact you with all this information, along with a big congratulations! Each finalist entry or nomination will receive two tickets {TBC} to the gala and a contribution towards travel and accommodation if outside of Auckland 

When will winners be announced? 

On 7 May 2022 at the awards gala – better get your ticket! 

I cannot find an answer to my question – who should I contact?  

For general enquiries and information, please use our contact form and we will get back to you within one business day.

If it is urgent, feel free to call any of the following people: 

  • Susie Hill – general enquiries: 021815504 

  • Juliet Cavanagh-Eyre – sponsorship:  (09) 912 9293

  • Emma Houltham – tickets, travel, accounts: (04) 802 8202

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