How to enter or nominate

1. As directed at each stage, please include with your online submission:

  • Project title

  • Submitted by or on behalf of: (the name of the organisation or person entering or being nominated for the award ie, Sally Smith or Glendene Pharmacy or Huia support services team)

  • The submitter’s contact details: name, email, postal address and phone number, eg, if you are nominating Sally Smith or the Huia team, enter your name as the contact person.

  • The submitter’s organisation’s name and description. (eg, area served, budget, funding sources, staff numbers, number of active clients, etc. 80 word limit)

  • A good quality, 1mb, head and shoulders jpg image of each person entered or nominated if possible. Or group shot, if applicable.

  • A brief description of the service/programme/person/people entered for the award. (80 words or less that best describes the essence of your entry to an audience or journalist. This will be used in preparing the book of award finalists should the entry be successful.)

2. Answer all criteria listed for each award you have entered, or made a nomination for, on the online form following word count instructions.

3. Support material should only be included if you believe, after careful analysis, that it adds strength to your entry. After all, sometimes ‘less is more’. Support material may include booklets, posters, DVDs, CDs, audit packs, disease management packages, distance learning publications, scientific papers, etc.

4. Make sure you read the Ts and Cs and agree to them – your entry cannot be submitted without doing so.


Terms and Conditions 2022

Definition of primary healthcare provider

A person or team working in healthcare who is involved in delivering that care in the community, rather than in a hospital. This may include initiatives to increase safety, promote wellness or treat illness.

  1. Key dates:
    a. Entries close 10pm, Sunday 16 January 2022.
    b. All finalists will be advised no later than 1 April 2022.
    c. Finalists will be invited to the awards evening on 7 May 2022, where the winners will be revealed.

  2. Entry requirements:
    At the time of entry, you will need to supply all of the following within your online entry form:
    a. 80-word summary of why your entry is a winning entry
    b. A high resolution (minimum 2MB) colour image of your team or yourself (dependent on category entered). A logo is not an acceptable replacement.
    c. An .eps file of your company logo, if applicable.
    d. A list of names and companies of the contributors to a submission (unfortunately we cannot attribute job titles).

  3. Marketing and promotion:
    a. All information within your entries, excluding commercially sensitive information, may be used to market and promote the award. Information contained in the finalists’ entries may be used for promotion or displayed during the award’s evening. Any information within the entry deemed confidential must be clearly indicated within the entry submission. If not, the hosts cannot be held liable for any publication  of such material.
    b. Finalists agree to have their photos used for any New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards | He Tohu Mauri Ora publicity.
    c. By submitting your entry or nomination, you agree to be interviewed for public promotional and/or editorial coverage.
    d. Sponsors may receive your name/contact/entry information unless you specifically request that they do not receive it using the tick box at the end of the terms and conditions. This includes the contact details of "in progress" entries. 

  4. Judging:
    a. Information provided in any entry or nomination will be held by The Health Media and seen by a selection of judges for the purpose of assessing the applications.
    b. All judges will sign a confidentiality agreement and a conflict of interest disclosure form.
    c. The judges reserve the right to re-assign any entry if it is believed to be more appropriate within a different category.
    d. Judges decisions are final. No correspondence or discussion from any party will be entered into from the time judging begins.
    e. There is no sponsor, promoter or host involvement in the judging, ie, the judging process is completely independent.

  5. Entry criteria:
    a. Entry is open for projects and staff employed in New Zealand. Projects must be New Zealand based.
    b. The awards are open to all people working within the broad category of primary healthcare/community health services as described in the definition of ‘primary healthcare provider’ above. If a provider works outside of primary healthcare, their project must be a collaboration with primary healthcare, ie, have primary healthcare members’ input.
    c. Entries can be submitted by individuals, teams or organisation, but only one trophy and one certificate will be given per winning entry.
    d. One named individual per finalist entry/nomination will be given a contribution towards travel and accommodation plus two tickets to the gala awards event.
    e. The projects and initiatives described in entries must have been completed within the previous 15 months; ie, 1 June 2020 to 29 September 2021, but may have run over a number of years. Exceptions will be given in the award description.

  6. Process:
    a. All entries must be completed online and all entrant details are to be correctly filled out.
    b. All sections in the online entry/nomination form must be completed and specific examples provided for each criterion listed.
    c. All entries will receive email confirmations. If you do not receive a confirmation email, it is your responsibility to follow this up. Email:
    d. Submissions will not be accepted if they are in a different format from the above.
    e. Form entries must adhere to the strict 1500 word maximum, and must contain all the relevant data, be particularly detailed and with full results. Any extra wording will not be read by the judges.
    f. Nominations must comply with entry rules and time deadlines.
    g. All information contained in an entry should be a fair and accurate representation.

  7. Limitations:
    a. You may enter as many categories as you like, but with separate and unique entries and projects. Multiple entries using the same project are NOT permitted
    b. Entrants nor nominators may not submit the same project that has won a NZPH Award within the last five years. However, you may nominate someone or submit an entry for team(s) or organisation(s) that have won in the past five years for new or different projects or initiatives.
    c. An entry may be disqualified if it is in breach of any of the above terms and conditions.


I confirm that my nominated entry and I are of good professional standing and are not subject to any complaints or investigation that may bring ill repute to the New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards | He Tohu Mauri Ora, its judges, finalists and/or its sponsors. If you or your nominated entry are involved in a current or ongoing complaint(s) or investigation(s) or have had an official complaint upheld against you at any time, you MUST upload a separate document explaining the situation with your entry (no more than 300 words). Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

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