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Entries are now closed for the 2021 New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards | He Tohu Mauri Ora 



We can all agree 2020 has been a tough year across all sectors! 


But your work has been more important than ever. More recognition is needed for all your hard work and innovation. Your dedication to New Zealand’s health needs to be acknowledged; you need to be acknowledged.  

Together let us continue these independent awards, celebrating excellence among healthcare professionals who work as one team in a smart system. Now more than ever let’s bring these strengths together and continue to create a more equitable Aotearoa that champions these important accomplishments. 

Help us show New Zealand how important primary care is to the health of our country by entering this year’s Awards.  

There are 22 award categories to enter. These span the primary healthcare sector, so before entering please take the time to read about the categories that apply to you/your team below and the awards criteria. 
Check out the important tips, key information and requirements in the entry guide. These will be a huge help when creating a strong entry! 

Click the awards criteria / Ts & Cs button to download as a PDF to read more in depth details on each award.  

Then once you are ready, click the button below to start your entry or nomination, which will redirect you to our awards entry page. 

Individuals & Teams

Good sort award

Good sort award

A good sort is an ordinary person doing something extraordinary. This year’s good sort will be a person working in primary care who goes above and beyond paid employment to make people feel better. They will show how listening and acting appropriately can make a real difference in other people’s lives. Maybe they did something extraordinary during lockdown. Maybe they’ve been doing good stuff for years. If you know someone who fits the bill, make sure you nominate them and tell us why they are so awesome.

A nomination-only award

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Outstanding contribution

to health 

Green Cross Health outstanding contribution to health

The winner of this prestigious award will be a person working in primary healthcare who has made a stellar contribution to health, and is an absolute inspiration to others. Their contribution could be made over a lifetime, or through one momentous invention or action, or for achieving recognition on the international stage. Whatever it is they have done, or are doing, it has made a significant positive impact on primary healthcare. That impact could be on health providers or teams, or on everyday New Zealand citizens – or both, or more than these. Their initiative or work could span any aspect of healthcare, eg, technology, business, clinical services, workforce development, education, research, etc. 

A nomination-only award 

Green Cross Health

Community or primary healthcare pharmacist of the year 

Community or primary healthcare pharmacist of the year 

This award recognises a community pharmacist who has made an outstanding contribution to customer health through their excellence in clinical pharmacy practice. You will have an outstanding commitment to equity in health outcomes and 

demonstrated professional leadership, 

imagination and innovation to achieve better outcomes and foster the growth and development of other community pharmacists. 

Enter or nomination award 

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Community pharmacy technician of the year 

ProPharma community pharmacy technician of the year 

We know you’re already a great performer because you have chosen to reflect on your practice! Now is the time to pitch yourself against other great performing pharmacy technicians in New Zealand. Tell us about how you may have streamlined 

work-flow processes, improved safety, embraced technology or improved 

patient outcomes.

This category requires a qualified (level 5) technician to complete the entry booklet with a pharmacist mentor to assess your mastery of key capabilities. The workbook can be downloaded from the award’s entry page. Once completed, upload the completed form into you online entry.

Entry only award 

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Community pharmacy of the year

Pharmacy Guild community pharmacy of the year

This award recognises excellence in community pharmacy. It rewards a community pharmacy that has shown it understands its customers’ needs, is well managed, innovative and engaged in the local community. It has a focus on achieving business success as well as measurable positive outcomes for customers, especially during times of hardship and uncertainty.

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Pharmacy Guild

Enter or nomination award 

Sir Graeme Douglas young primary healthcare 

pharmacist of the year


Sir Graeme Douglas young primary healthcare 

pharmacist of the year

This award recognises a young community or primary healthcare pharmacist who has worked as a pharmacist for fewer than five years and has made an outstanding contribution to customer health through their excellence in clinical pharmacy practice. You will have demonstrated professional leadership, 

imagination and innovation to achieve better outcomes and foster the growth and development of other primary care pharmacists.  

Enter or nomination award 


General practice of the year

GenPro general practice of the year

This award recognises the work of a multidisciplinary general practice team that has had a positive impact on the business of general practice and on improving patient outcomes. The team will show how it understands and responds to its patient population needs, is well managed and innovative. The judges will be interested in practices that have shown adaptability

in the face of adversity/business interruption. 

Enter or nomination award 

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General practitioner of the year 

Medtech general practitioner of the year 

This award recognises an exceptional

GP working in general practice who has made an outstanding contribution to their practice and patient health.

You will have demonstrated professional leadership, commitment to equity, imagination and innovation, to achieve better outcomes and foster the growth and development of other doctors working in general practice. 

Enter or nomination award 



Nurse practitioner of the year

College of Nurses Aotearoa NZ nurse practitioner of the year

This award recognises an exceptional nurse practitioner who has addressed the needs of vulnerable populations through a NP-led model of care or other significant body of work. You will have an outstanding commitment to equity in health outcomes and through recognition of your obligations to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. You will have demonstrated professional leadership, 

imagination and innovation to achieve better outcomes and foster the growth and development of other NPs.

Enter or nomination award 


College of Nurses

Aotearoa NZ

Practice nurse of the year

Boehringer Ingelheim practice nurse of the year

This award recognises the exemplary work of a practice nurse where they have made an outstanding individual contribution to patient care in their practice. You will have expended considerable effort and imagination, leadership, collaboration and innovation to address practice and patient-level issues. 

Enter or nomination award 

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Boehringer Ingelheim


manager of the year 


manager of the year 

This award recognises a creative individual who has been shown to have made a real and sustainable difference to key aspects of the business. 

You will showcase professionalism, 

be innovative and have a keen desire to deliver the best possible solutions to improve practice business, 

infrastructure and patient-focused services. For example, you may have championed and led the introduction of a new technology or system to improve workflow, reduced overheads and improve patient relationships and services, or created a more diverse workforce.  

NB: Where this work is undertaken by a medical administrator or receptionist, they qualify to enter or be nominated for this award. 

Enter or nomination award 

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Key Health Outcomes

Patient safety award

ACC patient safety award

The ACC patient safety award celebrates excellence in safe practice. It recognises an individual or team for outstanding innovation and leadership in patient safety, and raises awareness and support for the safety of all patients in all healthcare settings.

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Enter or nomination award 


Entries close 24 January for this category

Innovation in service delivery award 

Pharmaceutical Society innovation in service delivery award 

This award recognises a forward-thinking person or people who have made primary healthcare services significantly better through new ideas and initiatives. For example, your 

innovation might have enabled healthcare to continue during a period of uncertainty, like the COVID-19 

lockdown, or significantly improved patient experiences, access and or 

equity etc. The innovation could be clinical, business oriented, 

technological or other, but should be revolutionary! 

Enter or nomination award

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Pharmaceutical Society

Primary and secondary integration award 

Southern Cross

Health Insurance

Southern Cross Health Insurance primary and secondary integration award 

This award recognises the success of a project or initiative that is a direct result of a primary and secondary care collaboration. The winner of this award will show how the integrated initiative transformed care to produce better more equitable health outcomes and or lowered expenses of service delivery. The integration project can be an example from the wide spectrum of healthcare activities: IT, telemedicine, outpatient care, day to day delivery of care, COVID-19 innovation, new tool or resource etc. 

Entrants can be from primary or secondary care teams or, if the initiative was developed solely by one person, an individual may enter. 


Excellence in information technology or telehealth award

Spark Health excellence in information technology or telehealth award

This award recognises a primary healthcare individual, team or industry supplier that has harnessed the power of information technology and or telehealth to transform or enable a healthcare service. The initiative must be original and of benefit at least at the primary care level. It may have provided continuous healthcare delivery during COVID-19, or made clinical services more accessible to a specific audience, or improved customer related communications or hastened the secure delivery of patient information. 

Enter or nomination award 


Spark Health

Equity award 

Ministry of Health equity award 

In New Zealand, there are inequitable health outcomes as a result of biased 

and or inadequate planning, codesign, collaboration, funding, resourcing, service delivery and attitudes. The Ministry of Health’s focus on equity – achieving the same high-quality outcomes for all New Zealanders - means we all need to work harder 

together and with high needs populations to reach this goal.  This award recognises primary healthcare providers who have taken specific action to address health equity gaps in the populations they serve. Most importantly, you will have canvassed and listened to the needs of your 

customer group and designed solutions that meet those needs and, as a result, have significantly improved the health of people in that group.


Enter or nomination award 

Ministry of Health

Best mental health programme 

Habit Health best mental health programme 

This award recognises the achievements of a community based mental health programme or initiative that has made a significant positive impact on the lives of people with experiences of mental unwellness, especially those who are from communities facing social or economic challenges. 

Enter or nomination award 

Habit Health -.png

Habit Health

Good space award

Medispace good space award

This award recognises the imaginative and effective design of a healthcare facility that contributes to improved patient/consumer experience, enhancing the model of care and supporting the practitioners who work in the space. The project or design initiative must be original and your entry should explain the following: purpose of the design, background research or justification for the project, the planning and implementation process, methodology and results.



Enter or nomination award 

Best youth or senior health service award 

Best youth or senior health service award 

This award recognises the outstanding achievement of a health service designed and delivered either for children and youth aged 10 to 25 years of age, or for people over 65

years of age. You will have 

codesigned with the target group, 

made a significant positive impact on the lives of people in these groups and strived to make the service appropriate, engaging and effective. 

You will have used imagination to

achieve outstanding outcomes for

your customers/patients. 

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Enter or nomination award 

Research and education award 

Research and education award 

This award recognises a significant high-quality piece of primary healthcare research,  or education 

programme aimed at primary care providers.

The work should significantly 

contribute to scientific advancement, improving health professional knowledge and behaviour, better 

service delivery, patient care, or other area in primary care.  

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Enter or nomination award 

Business achievement award

BDO business achievement award

This award recognises excellence in business acumen and achievement. The winner will be a business (or business owner/manager) that has focussed on achieving outstanding results for their primary care business.

You may have had to pivot at pace to maintain viability. Or you were able to thrive in the face of adversity. Your

drive and ambition to be profitable and able to adapt to meet industry challenges will be obvious, as will 

your willingness to learn as you go. 


Enter or nomination award 


Best supplier service, product or campaign 

Blue Star best supplier service, product or campaign 

This award recognises the delivery and support of a product, service or campaign that achieved outstanding results for customers/patients. The service, product or campaign has

improved an aspect of customer care and or the quality and delivery of clinical care.


Blue Star

Enter or nomination award