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Forty-two entrants to the first-ever national primary healthcare awards are excited to find out they are in to win an award. And in the event they don’t win, they can hold their heads high as finalists. There were close to 180 entrants to the awards, which closed last November.

The New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards | He Tohu Mauri Ora 2020 focus on work in the primary healthcare sector over the last two years that is transformational.

The judges have looked for individuals and teams who have made a positive change to, and impact on, healthcare services, moving New Zealand closer to a country where all people get the care they need when they need it, and all people have realistic opportunities to look after their own health and wellbeing.

Judge convenor Linda Bryant says she was wowed by the submissions, and that the calibre of the inaugural primary healthcare awards has been amazing.

“Feedback from the judges is that it has been an eye-opener as to the incredible people and services we have, and very difficult to judge as there were so many that were so close.

“They wanted to have so many more acknowledged for the work that is being done. Really tough decisions,” Dr Bryant says.

The people and teams who have made it onto the awards short list have shown a mix of sustainability, creative and original thought, collaboration and courage.

In addition to the awards categories listed, there will also be a Supreme Award winner, chosen from all the category winners. Results will be announced at the Gala Night on 29 February, at Shed 10 in Auckland. Remember to book your tickets – you don’t want to miss celebrating and dancing with the stars of primary care for 2020. Email: Emma Houltham at

So, it’s time to dive in and find out who the finalists are for inaugural New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards | He Tohu Mauri Ora. If you would like to learn more about each category, click here.


Click on the category you are interested in below or scroll through to read all of the amazing stories. 

ACC patient safety award

Safety in Practice team - Auckland and Waitemata DHBs


Safety in Practice (SiP) is New Zealand’s only team to focus entirely on patient safety in the community.

It is a multidisciplinary team working for Auckland and Waitematā DHBs to design, develop and deliver the safety in practice programme to primary care providers across the region.

The programme is made up of modules that teach and support health professionals to create system level changes to improve their processes and reduce admissions.

Picture: Back row: Sarah Hartnall, Angela Lambie, Diana Phone, Lisa Eskildsen,
Sreeja Nair, Michael Hammond. Front row: Sue French and Harshna Mistry

Health Navigator Charitable Trust


A popular national online health information website is producing tools and resources to help New Zealanders understand and prevent treatment injuries.

The Health Navigator website uses plain language and
evidence-based information to improve the public’s understanding of health matters.


The site, which has around 700,000 visits a month, has developed a suite of consumer-focused resources and innovative tools to improve patient safety.

Its doctor-developed pain medication dose calculators are
helping to increase the safe use of pain relief medications in children and adults.

Picture: From left to right: Janine Bycroft, Sandra Ponen, Julie O’Brien, Charmaine Vaughan, Susie Hill, Alana Hawke. Missing: Hallie Low, Merle Samuels and Marlo San Miguel

Southern Cross Health Insurance primary and secondary integration award

Clinical Pharmacists Facilitators Team Hawke’s Bay DHB

Clinical pharmacists in Hawke’s Bay are working with GPs to address the region’s high rate of opioid prescriptions, with impressive results.

Working alongside GPs at the clinic with the highest rate of opioid prescriptions, the Hawke’s Bay DHB-appointed
clinical pharmacist facilitators team developed a useful and non-judgemental audit tool.

The practice has subsequently seen the following reductions in prescribed long-term opioids:
• morphine, by 41 per cent
• oxycodone, by 33 per cent
• fentanyl, by 67 per cent
• methadone, by 40 per cent.

Picture: Rachael McNeill, Jessica Pankhurst, Megan Adie, Martin Munyaradzi, Mara Coler, Vanessa Brown, Dr Anne Denton, Sara Salman, Jenni Jones, Peter McIntosh, Brendan Duck, absent Elaine Roberts 

Waitematā DHB

The electronic consultation programme (E-consult) is an innovative telecommunication service based on an alliance model between primary and secondary care.

The Waitematā DHB’s Institute of Innovation and Improvement (i3) project is based on building bridges among healthcare providers, and addresses the protracted wait times that cause undue suffering for patients.

The expansion of electronic communication technologies has created new avenues to improve the timeliness and quality of interdisciplinary communication.

Picture: Jono Hoogerburg


Pharmaceutical Society innovation in service delivery award

Western Bay of Plenty PHO

An early alert tool that helps caregivers in aged-care facilities recognise early signs of deterioration is reducing presentationsto ED that do not require hospital admission, by 40 per cent.

There has also been a reduction of inpatient admissions from three of five local aged-residential care facilities. The
Early Recognition of Acute Deterioration in Aged Residential Care Residents project was developed by the Western Bay of Plenty PHO ARC acute demand team.

The tool has been adopted by the Health Quality & Safety Commission.

Picture: Kate O’Dwyer and Louise Fowler

ProCare and Mercy Radiology

A new referral pathway to MRI for injuries to knee, shoulder, neck and back in primary care has resulted in numerous

A collaboration among ProCare, Mercy Radiology and ACC, the pathway addresses wait times from presentation at a patient’s GP to receiving a diagnosis and moving through to treatment or rehabilitation.

The pathway sees GPs trained to work at the top of their scope, supports radiologists to create tailored MRI reports and focuses surgeons’ time on people who most require their skills.

Picture: Lloyd McCann, Manoj Patel, Paul Roseman and Stephen Kara

Medwise Clinical Pharmacy Service (Bay of Plenty)

Spark Health excellence in information
technology award


A one-stop shop website and mobile app platform is using artificial intelligence to assist New Zealanders looking for mental health and wellbeing support.

Developers of the Clearhead platform say it can also address the financial deficit that currently exists in primary care when managing patients with mental health as their main presenting

The platform utilises an AI chatbot accessible at any time of the day to help consumers understand their mental health challenges and be matched to the help they need.

Picture: Thomas Verstappen, Michael Connolly, Kirushi Arunthavasothy and Angela Lim

Total Healthcare PHO & Tāmaki Health


“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra
to play it.”


And so it was with the Total Healthcare PHO/Tāmaki Health
IT-empowered response to the 2019 south Auckland measles outbreak.


Vaccinating more people than the local DHB, the PHO’s provider team harnessed their Power Business Intelligence tool and networked PMS system to run a coordinated and very successful campaign in the thick of the outbreak – 1700 priority patients were vaccinated over a five-week period

Reshmi Lata-Chand, Kate Moodabe, Samir Ranchhod, Vijay Mohandoss
and Mahesh Patel


Ministry of Health equity award

The Fono


A Tuvaluan community in west Auckland are the beneficiaries of this exceptional equity-driven “Happy Skin” project.

The West Fono Health Trust’s goal to reduce the exceptionally high rate of skin and soft tissue infections among under-25-year-olds in the Tuvaluan community achieved a more than 40 per cent reduction in these infections.

Key success factors: collaborating with community and
church leaders to devise innovative engagement, action and research support.


The project led to a combined church, GP, nurse, public
health and social worker effort that even inspired a special song.

Picture: Temasi Kitara, Laine Lekasa-Steven, Janet Masoe-Hundal, John
Kennelly, Tauliani Monise, Elena Tauliani. Absent members, Mileta Esela and Helen Ho

Habit Group and Blind & Low Vision New Zealand

Habit Group has produced a 96 per cent improvement in time-to-service-delivery through in-home assessments by an occupational therapist.

Habit Group and Blind & Low Vision New Zealand (BLVNZ) set out to address challenges concerning lengthy wait times and poor access to services for approximately 14,000 New Zealanders under the care of BLVNZ.

The trial service required an occupational therapist to visit
clients in their homes to assess their needs for safety and enhanced self-sufficiency, to complete daily tasks independently. Where clients in triage previously waited four months, the new programme cut wait times to just five days.

The key was being able to target both clinical resources and
vaccine stocks.

Special mention to Marion Moore, Hayley Browne, Brent Habgood, the Habit team, Mark Dickinson and the Blind & Low Vision NZ Team


Medispace good space award

Castlecliff Health, Whanganui

Castlecliff Health is housed in a purpose-built medical facility that has to be seen and experienced to be believed.

The building goes beyond promoting patient and staff wellbeing, it creates a bridge between internal and external stakeholders to ensure clients receive holistic healthcare.

The space has been used to optimise the feeling of wellbeing and natural light which, they say, has a significant impact on promoting positive physical and mental health outcomes.

Disability access has been carefully planned as have facilities for children in the waiting areas.

Picture: Jane Dutton, Leanne Sutter, Kylie Wagstaff, Pom Johnson, Juliet Chapman, Agnes Ginestet, Praveen Thadigiri

Kelburn Northland Medical, Wellington


A new fit-out within a former restaurant is allowing for care in a pleasant, light and airy environment for staff and patients.

Kelburn Northland Medical is the result of bringing together the Kelburn Medical Centre and Northland Village Surgery.

They combined forces to provide better accessibility and a wider range of services, and meet the desire to retain ongoing GP ownership.

The good space,Kelburn Northland Medical says has enabled the team to provide quality care with kindness, honesty and respect.


Habit Group best mental health programme

Eastern Bay Primary Health Alliance (EBPHA)



A well-received PHO counselling service, which 91 per cent of clients rate as excellent to very good, is a finalist in this category.

The Eastern Bay Primary Health Alliance PHO’s Mental
Health Programme offers short-term counselling services
to youth and adults with mild to moderate mental health

The service has Māori counsellors, kaupapa Māori counselling services and te reo Māori courses.

The team of counsellors helps clients consider their
individuality, values, beliefs and supports as well as those of their family and whānau.

Picture: Jamie Sullivan, Jan Fremantle, Hiria Shanks, Urika Kihi, Trent Hape
Julie Bristowe, Jeff Bristowe, Jenny Sinclair and Lorraine Saunders

Counties Manukau DHB

Independent evaluation has shown this DHB’s wellness support model has increased access and effectiveness for Māori.

Wellness Support is a Counties Manukau DHB primary care
mental health model designed in consultation with community, patients and workforce.

The DHB says it is unique in its scale and a success, using a
flexible, person-centred model.

In just over a year, more than 15,000 funded interventions
‒ ranging from behavioural activation to problem-solving have
been provided by GPs and practice nurses.

Picture: Wellness Support Team, Sophie Ball, clinical lead, and Pamela Hewlett, portfolio manager

Wellness Support Team Tāmaki Health (Auckland)


Research and Education Award

Longhurst Pharmacy and Riccarton & Longhurst Physio


The Osteoarthritis Mobility Project enhances the wellbeing of people with osteoarthritis.

The 10-week, research-based programme was delivered to patients in a target group by health providers at Longhurst Pharmacy and Physiotherapy in Christchurch.

A pharmacist, physiotherapists and external speakers were involved, with workshops focusing on both education and individualised exercises.

Initial retesting of the first two groups showed a substantial improvement in patients’ ability to stand on one leg, and pharmacist follow-up of some patients found they had better adherence to pain medications.

Picture: Osteoarthritis project: Katrina Azer (pharmacist, award entrant) and
Cate Broderick (physiotherapist), top right: Katherine Pierce

New Zealand Rural General Practice Network

New Zealand is experiencing a health workforce crisis.

The New Zealand Rural General Practice Network is working
hard to turn this around. Along with rural health students, the network is running an intensive national promotional programme targeting rural school children and encouraging them into health careers.

Feedback from schools is 100 per cent positive, with universal themes being: students had not previously considered the possibility of a healthcare career; many go away seriously considering such a career; the delivery by students for students is critical to the programme’s success.

Picture: Russell Riki (kaumātua), John Laurenson, Holly Barclay, Monisha Murugan, Marina Halpaus, Kathryn Hippolite, Summer Sanson, Harriette Dunphy and Esther Maxim at Tongariro Area School Marae, Turangi


Best youth or senior service award

Health Connections



A nurse-led, youth wellness service that delivers culturally responsive enhanced primary care has made it into the top two in this category.


Health Connections is an innovative business. It believes children and young people have the right to wellness-focused and proactive primary care services.


A team of 13 passionate team members provides developmentally appropriate and evidenced-based healthcare where the 500 service users live and learn.

DHB and Oranga Tamariki-funded, the service team members have shown that their experience in the delivery of child and youth service reaps rewards.

Picture: Maria Kekus and Pat Mitchell

Tū Ora Compass Health (project lead)

Piki is a unique, government-funded, mental wellness programme designed to help young people deal with mental health issues in a supportive, non-judgemental way.

Clients receive timely assistance from specially trained therapists, an online set of resources provided by Melon Health, peer support and a moderated online peer-support community.

Piki, currently being piloted in the Wellington region by a consortium including Tū Ora Compass PHO, was co-designed with a youth reference group, and is independently evaluated by the University of Otago.

Picture: Fionnagh Dougan, Bronwen Warren, Kate Charles, Tony Dowell, Suzanne Heyworth, Jocelyn Malcolm, Karen MacPherson and Martin Hefford


BDO business achievement award

Habit Group



Southern Rehab has earned its place among the finalists by growing its client-centric integrated healthcare model using clearly defined growth strategies, a strong culture and an aligned view of what makes it unique.


An investment in people, solutions, ongoing professional development, training and mentoring, innovation, new technologies and systems underpins Southern Rehab’s continued growth.


It has acquired practices across the South Island, opened new sites, maintained and won significant supplier contracts with ACC and the Ministry of Health, increased B2B work, and built pre and post-surgical partnerships.

KPT Medical Group

The KPT Medical Group started from a GP practice in Karaka, founded by Dr Anitha Nair. Thanks to the dedication of founding staff, the group expanded with new practices in the Papakura/Franklin Districts and beyond.

Dr Nair took a leap of faith to establish Karaka Family Health.
Against the odds, the team established Pokeno Family Health shortly after they set up Karaka Family Health.

The team says that’s not the end of it, they would like to leverage their resources for further growth in the coming years.

Picture: Back row: Amin Uloom, Angela Richardson, Anitha Nai Margaret Mulloy,
Kym Roberts, Johanna Wickham, Sally Tan, Luke Wee, Jolean Benecke, Alice Maina. Front: Anita Naik, Dhyanne Hohepa, Neel Sidhu, Bonita Hall and Barbara Fawthrop


Blue Star best supplier service,
product or campaign

Seqirus (NZ) Ltd



A new kit developed by Seqirus is helping to motivate GPs to engage with high schools to improve HPV uptake.

To make this easy for GPs, the Activation Tool Kit was developed with useful ideas, detailed processes and resources to help clinics structure their approach with local high schools and other GP clinics.

Once the school is on board, Tool Kit resources (posters, information sheets, etc) are made available to both students and parents.

The programme involved health & wellness advertising
agency INSIGHT.

Picture: Some of the members of the Seqirus and INSIGHT teams who helped
implement the HPV Immunisation, High School Catch-Up Programme.
From Seqirus: Catherine Murphy, Jill Desborough, Paige Harrison,
Tara Satyanand, Carol Frisby-Shilton, Kim Fry. From INSIGHT: David
Anderson, Mike Babich, Talei Wong, Stacey Morrissey, Graeme Fry

Sanofi NZ

A quantitative survey reveals that a novel booklet about insulin initiation is hitting the spot with GPs and patients.

Sanofi’s GP insulin initiation tool rates very highly in terms of
use, ease of understanding, addressing of patient concerns,
and insulin initiation.

Additional benefits include having all information in one
place and a resource that condensed a variety of relevant

Sanofi’s Taking Control campaign set out to improve type 2
diabetes management through personalised, interventional
discussions about insulin therapy.

Picture: Sanofi Type 2 Diabetes ‘Taking Control’ Patient Programme Tools. Consisting of and A4 Patient Information Work Book, Patient Self Screener
Clinic Waiting Room Leaflet and A5 HCP User Guide


Sanofi good sort award

Louise Shambrook


Louise Shambrook is an ardent volunteer supporting and encouraging people to be active.

She was a driving force behind the launch of parkrun in Hawkes Bay, to benefit the health and happiness of the Hawkes Bay community.

A business manager at Taradale Medical Centre, Louise introduces people to activity and shares the impact it has on lives and health.

Parkrun is a simple concept. People turn up every Saturday and walk, jog or run 5km. It is free and entirely run by volunteers.

Mark Shirley

Physiotherapist and Southern Rehab CEO Mark Shirley lifts others up into the spotlight.

He is the guy who is around for the long haul, working collaboratively with his teams to get the best results, long after others may have walked away.

He lives his company values of “team makes the difference”, “purposeful”, “lead the way”, “real listening” and having a “how can we” approach in all things.

Innovation is his thing and he is prepared to challenge norms and “fail forward” in order to learn.

Megan Cumming, Health Navigator, West Coast PHO (South Island)

Green Cross Health outstanding contribution to health

Linda Bryant

Linda Bryant has demonstrated excellence throughout her career, developing innovative ways to deliver high-quality, patient-centred care, and pioneering a completely new clinical role for pharmacists inside primary care.

Linda’s influence extends far beyond the pharmacy profession to doctors and nurses in general practice, upskilling all team members to benefit our population.

She is an inspirational teacher and has established organisations to support and progress professional practice.

Linda won the 2019 Pharmaceutical Society NZ Gold medal award.

Nikki Turner


Nikki Turner’s enormous and tireless contribution to our better understanding and greater uptake of vaccinations is well known.

A Newtown Union Health Service GP in Wellington, Nikki is part of a team caring for patients with high health needs compounded by social disadvantage.

She is an associate professor, founder and director of the Immunisation Advisory Centre and internationally recognised for her expertise.

Nikki is a social advocate, spokesperson for Child Poverty Action group, and a thoroughly inspiring person, loved by her patients.


Pharmacy Guild community pharmacy of the year

Anglesea Pharmacy


Anglesea Pharmacy in Hamilton describes a working model of “Pharmacy in the Future” built on three pillars identified by the co-owners as accessibility, affordability and accuracy.

This approach sees customers being able to access an extended range of pharmacy-based services, at more affordable prices, and with the highest degree of accuracy in the delivery...all delivered with a smile.

The entrants say theirs is a very special pharmacy which
has a positive impact on people’s lives and on the image of the profession.

Anglesea Pharmacy team: Retail manager Marcelle Hazelwood, pharmacy manager Steven Chang, intern pharmacist Lauren Cutler, trainee technician Steven Kay, natural health consultant Karan Craigie, clinical nurse specialist Kim Robb, trainee technician Khayden Abbott and technician Maria Batbatan

Longhurst Pharmacy

A Halswell, Christchurch, pharmacy team striving to engage
with its local community to create awareness of the pharmacist role in better outcomes has produced great results.


Longhurst Pharmacy has achieved exceptional service to
patients through focusing on service delivery and collaboration with other health providers, and has addressed many of its community’s needs.


Staff embrace a culture of openness about mental health
and stress levels at work and accepting diversity in thoughts
and views.

Longhurst Pharmacy: Jaimee Mckee (pharmacy technician), Katrina Azer (pharmacist - award entrant). Absent: Jessica Young (pharmacist)


Douglas community or primary healthcare pharmacist of the year

Leanne Te Karu


Leanne Te Karu is substantively engaged in medicines and Māori, and committed to lifelong learning and advocacy.

She has successfully led clinical excellence and culturally safe healthcare that demonstrates her intent to serve people in greatest need.


She is described as a “phenomenal” worker, striving to make real differences by improving health outcomes through holistic care and shared decision-making, She is an energetic and strong advocate for Māori health.


Leanne works to reduce inequity, improve understandability of health professionals’ communication and increase community participation.

Penny Clark

Penny’s two “firsts” and her valued mentorship have caught the eye of our judges and put her in the running for an award.

She was the first clinical pharmacist embedded as a clinician in the health care home model, as well as the model’s first pharmacist prescriber. Penny is a highly skilled and respected clinical/prescribing pharmacist and a valued member of the Northcare Primary Care team in Hamilton.

Her nominator calls her an inspiring mentor and advocate for budding as well as fully fledged clinical and prescribing pharmacists across New Zealand.


ProPharma community pharmacy technician of the year

Alison Hayden


Alison has been busy making things better at Pharmacy 547 in Hamilton. She has skills and abilities that enable her to perform a variety of different functions within the team.


She contributes to Pharmacy 547’s quality improvement, assists medical practitioners and supports team members of mental health facilities in their practices and procedures. She has become a mentor to most involved with her.


Alison is a PACT (Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technician) who has a can-do approach to supporting her local GP practices and the wider mental health community.

Samantha Burgess (nee Thornbury)


Life Pharmacy Coastlands pharmacy technician Samantha Burgess is described as 'the backbone of the dispensary'. She is professional, has a keen focus on developmental goals, and an impressive list of capabilities.

Samantha has rebranded her compliance packing system to Easi-med system to ensure that her community receives the highest level of care making people's lives easier with Easi-Med. She also strives to ensure the reduction in potential errors increasing patient safety and pharmacy efficiency.

Arzhay Heslop, Pharmacy Technician, Huntly West Pharmacy

Total Healthcare general practice
of the year

Feilding Health Care


Feilding community’s healthcare needs are being addressed well with a health centre that can thrive, both short and long term.

Some keys to their success include: patient access to a vast range of services on site, many ways to make contact with the clinic, telehealth, home visits, extended opening days and hours, multilingual staff, a keen focus on patient and community communication, an edible garden, wellbeing activities for staff, and more.

A risk-stratified approach means patients at higher risk of
hospital admissions are identified and given the extra attention they need.

Tongan Health Society

The Tongan Health Society is the only privately developed
Tongan integrated family health centre in New Zealand operating outside the Kingdom of Tonga.


It has three medical centres – Onehunga, Kelston and Panmure – and six school clinics in South Auckland employs 65 staff and also runs a preschool, community centre and garden and an integrated outcomes unit.

The society uses Tongan-based philosophy, principles and
values regarding health and wellbeing. It employs specialist
skill sets to focus on client outcomes, and employs mainly
Tongan professionals to deliver the services.

HRH Princess Mele Siu’ilikutapu Kalaniuvalu Fotofili with Tongan Health Society staff at the Kelston Mall Medical Centre opening.


Medtech general practitioner of the year

Glen Davies


Type 2 diabetes can often be a progressive journey to dialysis, limb amputation and blindness.

Taupō Medical Centre’s Glen Davies is demonstrating that this doesn’t have to be the case.

Through the Reverse T2 Diabetes Taupo programme, that he established with other Taupō-based practitioners, he offers patients the opportunity to reverse prediabetes and other chronic non-communicable diseases.

So far, 50 Taupō residents have reversed their type 2 and prediabetes as a result of his interventions.

John Elliot

John Elliott has worked as a GP in Kumeu for 20 years.

Over that time, he has demonstrated a work ethic and dedication to the job that stands in the finest tradition of New Zealand general practice.

Impeccable clinical standards coupled with strong and compassionate interpersonal skills have made him highly respected and greatly loved by his patients.

He has provided unlimited availability in palliative care and to a large number of complex institutionalised community mental health patients under his care.

Oliver A Samin, GP/Director, Royal Oak Medical Centre.

College of Nurses Aotearoa NZ nurse practitioner of the year

Jackie Clapperton


Jackie Clapperton’s presentation of her work for St John in last year’s Nurse Practitioners New Zealand’s Conference blew her audience away.


It was a great example of the impact Jackie has on the profession as she goes about caring for the most vulnerable.


Jackie works across St John as an intensive care paramedic/NP at The Doctors Te Whare Hāpara, Turanga Health at Te Karaka Medical Centre and Hauora Tairāwhiti.


On her long and impressive list of skills and achievements is something quirky: Jackie is qualified with night vision goggle use, a rescue swimmer and is winch trained.

Karen Hoare


Karen Hoare’s dedication to the care of pregnant women, newborns and young people has won her a place as an award finalist.

At Greenstone Family Clinic in south Auckland, Karen introduced a case management approach to the care of pregnant women and infants. It has improved newborn and infant enrolment with primary health providers and immunisation rates across all ethnic groups.

She is a member of the national immunisation sub-committee and provides advice on cost-effective immunisation strategies and the national immunisation schedule.


Practice nurse of the year

Dianne Theobald


Dianne Theobald is the nurse team leader, and a member of the governance board of Newtown Union Health Service in Wellington.


She is an experienced primary care nurse with particular expertise in diabetes management. Her current role includes responsibility for administration, and clinical project implementation.


She oversees rostering, new staff orientation and training for staff and students.


Recent projects include implementing the health care home model, integrating Massey student health service with NUHS, and developing education modules for primary care nurses.

Pauline Fitzgerald


Pauline Fitzgerald is a nurse with four decades of experience working in a large variety of roles, including in acute care in the Pacific Islands, midwifery and in long-term conditions care.


She is the people’s champion and will go more than that extra mile to get the best possible outcome.


The practice has an enrolled population that is 92 per cent Māori and Pacific Island ethnicity and predominantly Quintile 5. Pauline has contributed more than her share to help achieve all their national targets.


GlaxoSmithKline practice/business manager of the year

Adrian Tucker


Adrian Tucker is practice manager of Ropata Medical Centre.


His most significant achievement is the facilitation, steering and project management of the centre’s transition from old premises to new purpose-built premises


He has shown outstanding leadership and innovation with this task.


Adrian’s magic factor – his relationship skills, can be summed up as: Mā whero, mā pako ka oti ai te mahi – the task shall be achieved through unity.

Erin Thompson


Erin Thompson, of Ngāti Kahungunu descent, is the practice manager for Health Connections working to improve the outcomes of rangatahi.


Erin’s passion to design,develop and evolve Health  Connections services delivered to young people is central to her success as a finalist.


Health Connections child and youth enhanced primary health service follows a strength-based approach that is underpinned by youth development principles.


Erin’s leadership skills to manage the group of clinicians and support team members while building and maintaining key relationships with the agencies are invaluable.

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